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Do you have an idea for a community empowerment project that you would like to share?

Midmar has been keen to meet the needs of the community since its establishment, through implementing projects of qualitative value to create a positive impact in the community.
If you want to share the efforts made through a project idea that you designed based on the knowledge and understanding of societal needs within the current or future social and economic conditions, you can share with us your project idea and fill in its information according to the required fields in this section, and Midmar will, in turn, study the idea and try to obtain a grant to implement it.
The idea of the project will be discussed through a committee that is part of the field and consists of the majority of people independent of the field.
Drop an idea

Suggested components:


It should be noted that there are some main elements that you must mention in order for your proposal to be understandable and amenable to analysis, namely:

 Project Title  :

 The title of the project should be brief and concise, preferably referring to a specific key result of the project that leads to the solution of the problem.

20 words at most


This part of the project describes the social, economic, political or cultural background from which the project started. It may be useful to mention previous projects that were not successful or were not sufficient to solve the same problem and the reason for it.

250 words at most

The project justification:

The rationale for the project must be provided, including the following:

1. Problem statement: The problem statement provides a description of the specific problem(s) that the project is trying to solve. And existing negative effects that affect the target group.

2. Priority needs: What are the basic needs resulting from the previous problem.

3. Proposed approach (type of intervention): How the proposed project or idea will meet the needs and contribute to solving the problem.

500 words at most

  Project objectives and desired outcomes:

What are the main objectives that the project seeks to achieve, that is, what are the long-term benefits for the target group.

Project purpose: which should address the underlying problem in terms of benefits received by project beneficiaries or target group as a direct result of the project

Outcomes: that is, outcomes that describe the services or products to be delivered to the intended beneficiaries.



Objective: To raise the educational level among young people in a specific area

Purpose: To provide professional diplomas to 200 young men and women with accredited certificates.

Results: 200 young men and women graduated successfully within 6 months.

300 words at most

Target group:

The target group of the project must be identified, whether it is targeted directly or indirectly.

100 words at most

Required resources:

Determining the personnel, materials, tools, and any expenses that may be required to implement the project.

100 words at most

Additional information you would like to share

200 words at most