rehabilitation and restoration services


MIDAMAR Organization announces a tender to provide rehabilitation and restoration services for 18 schools distributed geographically into four groups in and around Idlib City. Reference Number: PRH23054 All tender documents can be obtained through the following link: The bidder must deliver a closed, stamped, and signed basic envelope, containing three closed envelopes inside. The tender number, the name of the supplier, his company, and his phone number must be written on all envelopes. 1. Envelope of identification documents (book of conditions, copy of ID, copy of bank account, commercial license). 2. Technical offer envelope (illustrative images of technical specifications, catalogues, … etc). 3. Financial offer envelope (price offer) and all papers in the envelope are signed and sealed with the official supplier’s seal. Note: The financial offer must be in US dollars. The offers must clearly show the names of the exhibitors, their addresses, and contact numbers, and bear the official seal of the exhibitor. For questions and inquiries, you may contact us via the following e-mail until 06-21-2023 [email protected] The envelopes should be sent to the office of MIDMAR Organization in Idlib (Wadi Al- Naseem neighborhood, 200 meters north of Al-Rahman Mosque). Date of publication: 15-06-2023 Deadline for submitting offers: 06-22-2023. Time: 2.00 pm local time in Idlib, Syria.  

Activity details:

This tender is open to all qualified and registered legal bidders especially how has a contractor license. ‐ The bidders should be proofed that it specialized in the scope of the bid. ‐ The bidders should submit their offers from 15-Jun-2023 to 22-Jun-2023. ‐ The prices should be quoted by the bidder in US Dollars. ‐ All financial payments will be issued after receiving the deliverables as it was stated and defined in the relevant request for quotation. Moreover, the special TOR shall be discussed with the winning bidder by contracting. ‐ Bidder must show convenient evidence to the committee of the capability to provide the requested items within the RFP timeframe to deliver condition. ‐ MIDMAR Organization has the right to reject any item that does not agree with the specifications. ‐ All bidders should have a proven experience in the relevant field. ‐ All bidders must send signed and numbered copies of the documents or brochures for all materials. ‐ The prices for all items included in the bill of quantities shall be determined, to include the value of the item and compensation for any other commitments the bidder has undertaken under this contract. ‐ The contract price must be fixed and not subject to any price adjustments during the implementation of the contract. ‐ MIDMAR Organization does not adopt the lowest price in the contract to award. ‐ The bidder may have the right to submit its offer for the whole bid or only specific items of it. ‐ The awarded bidder must pay a reserve amount (10,000 USD) for MIDMAR Organization so that the amount remains withheld until the implementation of the contracted services is completed. ‐ Delivery schedule: The work must be delivered under the contract. ‐ In case of “force majeure”, the bidder immediately informs the buyer (in writing) of such a case and specifically indicates how the situation affects the implementation. Both parties to the contract will then agree on alternative methods of implementation.