Programs Manager


MIDMAR works primarily on empowering and developing the community, through building social capital and improving social mobility management. MIDMAR projects focus on creating solutions to better utilize resources, improving the skills of the targeted groups, discovering untapped opportunities to invest in them, and transforming individual values into collective values, as well as focusing on supporting community relations to turn them into participatory relations rather than competitive. All of the above is achieved through our three major programs, which are community empowerment, economic empowerment and innovation, and empowerment of civil society.

General Role and Position Objective

Programs manager is the conductor of MIDMAR programmatic strategy and interventions, s/he is mainly responsible to manage the cycle of defining programs strategy, program capability, finding and addressing proper funding opportunities, implementing the developed projects, and collect programs experience to overall organizational learning and development. Relevant Experience:
  • Required:
    • Experience in development and/or nexus interventions,
    • Programs manager is expected to have proven experience in programs design, funds opportunities identification, analysis and response, programs management and support.
    • Excellent communication and coordination skills in English (Arabic is a plus).
    • Proven experience in the following programs: Livelihood, Early Recovery, Social Cohesion, Entrepreneurship, Employability, Cash for Work, Microfinance Projects, Infrastructures Projects, Food Security and Livelihood (FSL), Social Development, or other relevant development programs.
  • Additional:
    • Experience of disaster / conflict contexts (Syrian context is a plus)
    • Previous work experience with donors/partners who are active in Syria response and other countries of intervention of MIDMAR.
  1. Programs Strategy
  • Develop MIDMAR programs strategy / country strategy in collaboration with MIDAMR senior management team to contribute to MIDMAR strategy.
  • Follow up programs’ strategy / country strategy implementation, progress and KPIs/results /deliverables, in addition to resolving rising issues to closure.
  • Reporting on strategic performance of programs / countries to senior management
  1. Programs Capability
    • Assessment of programs capability in MIDAMR against strategy, intervention programs/countries needs and partners requirements.
    • Develop programs capability based on assessment to ensure that provided capability is in line with strategy.
  1. Intervention Design
  1. Identify interventions needed in targeted countries and specify interventions.
    • Design profile (elements, workflow, relationships).
    • Promotion profile (problems, contexts, solutions, results, advantages).
    • Implementation profile (phases, activities, tools and techniques).
    • M&E profile (indicators, data collection, standards, accountability).
2. Match designed interventions with possible opportunities / needs / partnerships and apply the needed contextualization and tailoring to fit the purpose.  
  1. Funds Opportunities
    • Identify sources of funds that need to be scanned for potential fund opportunities that are in line with programs strategy / country strategy.
    • Analyze the potentially relevant fund opportunities and decide the GO/No Go.
    • Coordinate needed inputs form different function to design the proper response (concept notes / proposals).
    • Follow up the evolution of opportunity and address comments / inquiries from funding parties.
  1. Donors Communication
    • Contribute to outreach activities in programs inputs for potential funds / partnerships.
    • Communicate with donors / partners for ongoing grants / projects performance and reporting.
    • Maintain CRM system in terms of meetings, opportunities and reporting.
  1. Programs Monitoring, Control, Support, and Development
    • Supervise and support programs subordinate staff (Program Technical, MEAL, Grants, Compliance)
    • Supervise issues control and resolution.
    • Organize learning and improvement of programs.
    • Collect programs experience to develop the organization’s capability and strategy.

Key Working Relationships

  1. Position Reports to: Chief Executive Officer.
  2. Position supervises: Partnership, Technical Program managers, Fundraising.
  3. Other Internal and/or external contacts:
    • Internal: Operations, Missions, MIDMAR’s Consultants/Advisors.
    • External: Donors, Technical Advisors, Service Providers to Programs Function.

To apply

  • To submit your request please apply to the following link no later than 22 Aug 2023.
  • Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

MIDMAR Policies

Equal Opportunities

MIDMAR is committed to equal employment opportunities. We will not discriminate against applicants on race, religion, sex, age, or citizenship. Persons with disabilities are welcome to join our team. Salaries and other benefits will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and local standards.  

Child Safeguarding

To ensure the safety of children, our selection process includes thorough background checks, underscoring our commitment to shielding children from any form of abuse.  

Safeguarding our Staff

The post holder is expected to fulfill their responsibilities in adherence to MIDMAR’s code of conduct and anti-harassment policy.
Programs Manager
Turkey - Gaziantep