Project Assistant

Tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Work with the project manager to implement the activities and follow up the processing processes from a logistical and technical point of view within the implementation of the activity and follow up the required documentation.
  2. Contribute with the project manager in the preparation of the monthly completion report, according to the approved form by collecting the necessary data using the approved tools, including:a. Ratings of trainings، B. Attendance records of trainers and trainees، c. Pre -, post-and final tests ، d. Preparation of links to remote trainings and Sessions، e. Coordination of Hall reservations for physical trainings، f. Daily compensation schedules، g. Receive feedback from beneficiaries and trainers, through direct and effective communication with beneficiaries physically or via The internet.
  3. Preparation of documentation for procurement operations and logistics of the project
  4. Follow-up documentation of the project in coordination with the project manager and operations officer
  5. Archive all project operations and activities.

Required qualifications:

  1. A university degree is “required”.
  2. Previous experience in the development sector for a “preferred” year .
  3. English proficiency at a good level is “required”.
  4. Certificate of management of development projects “preferred”.
  5. We strongly encourage recent female university graduates to apply for this volunteer opportunity .

Volunteer rights and duties:

  1.  The volunteer undertakes to adhere to the labor policies of the MIDMAR organization .
  2. The volunteer undertakes to adhere to the agreed working hours.
  3. The volunteer is entitled to a certificate of experience under his assessments.
  4. The volunteer has the right to receive on-the-job guidance and attend the necessary trainings.
Project Assistant - volunteer
6 months