Ahmed Alhamza

Success stories are not limited to imagination or dreams!

But there are really realistic success stories we have seen whose owners have reached what they dreamed of with effort and perseverance.

Many Syrians have not stopped pursuing their dreams and ambitions, despite the bitterness of loss, displacement, and war, but many of them succeeded in creating a new reality for living and building a new future.

Ahmed is 31 years old – a graduate of the Faculty of Mechatronics, He is displaced from Maarat al-Numan, married,

and has three children

A year ago, Ahmed joined as a trainee in the project management diploma provided by MIDMAR in NW Syria, which aims to raise the capabilities of individuals and provide them with the necessary skills through a set of practical and theoretical exercises in project management and supervision.

Ahmed continued to pursue his ambition after completing the diploma and continued his self-education and self-development until he became an assistant in the same project, after a year of gaining experiences in his educational and training journey and his great desire to pursue his dream, Ahmed was appointed as a project officer in MIDMAR organization.

The beginning of success story

In 2021, Ahmed succeeded in managing the first project he supervised, and he talked about his happiness with the administrative staff and MIDMAR team, which was the main motive for his success and achieving his passion, in addition to the fact that the idea of the project was an inspiration to him!

Through the professional diplomas project, MIDMAR has helped dozens of beneficiaries of men and women – who were exposed to force majeure after leaving their homes and dropping out of education – to train them and provide them with the necessary expertise to start their own projects that secure them a job and a decent income.

MIDMAR is proud of all its cadres and staff, who have proven their abilities to achieve success and create mutual benefit for themselves and their community.

Check out the following video to see more about Ahmed’s story:


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