Sham Plast

Wael and his partner Fawaz managed to establish the “sham Plastic” project using renewable energy and have achieved unprecedented success in this field in the region.

The story of the two partners began eight years ago, when the two partners studied industrial secondary together, then separated and completed their education in different cities for 8 years without any communication between them.

After the conflict began in Syria and many Syrians were displaced from their cities and villages, accordingly by chance the two partners met again in the Renewable Energy Diploma, which is one of the scientific and professional diplomas offered by MIDMAR to create clean and sustainable projects and new job opportunities.

After Wael and Fawaz completed the renewable energy diploma, the two partners succeeded in establishing their own project using renewable energy with the support of MIDMAR, after receiving a financial grant in addition to scientific and psychological support from MIDMAR coaches and incubating the project during the stages of study, analysis and establishment of the project and the means of protection that they must follow.

The project relies on recycling damaged and worthless plastic by grinding it into granules and reusing it to make new products that provide benefits instead of throwing plastic away and waiting for its natural decomposition, which takes about a thousand years, according to scientists’ studies.

The project showed impressive results in a short period of time as well as benefits for project owners and support teams at MIDMAR, as the percentage of recycled materials increased to more than 5 times the expected amount.

The beginning of success story.

The two partners managed to expand the project, providing job opportunities for other workers, and they also achieved their dream of operating the entire project using solar energy.

MIDMAR has been keen all the time to provide all kinds of scientific, professional and psychological support to the owners of innovative projects, to provide more job opportunities, and to create new success stories.

Check out the following video to see the story of Wael and his partner Fawaz

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