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Jalal – a 31-year-old specialist in the engineering of “medical equipment” – after witnessing a tragic reality that workers in the health sector in NW Syria were living through, due to the continuous stoppage of medical devices in hospitals as a result of malfunctions and the inability to operate them due to the lack of maintenance parts and the long period that it takes to import them from abroad.

Therefore, Jalal launched his project “The Spring”, hoping that the idea of his project would revive the spring in the hearts of patients whose treatment was delayed because of these problems.

Jalal was one of the distinguished students in the vocational diplomas project, and he proved highly efficient in learning and the ability to innovate.

  Jalal obtained funding from MIDMAR to launch his pilot project after he was able to convince the experts and evaluation committee, of the effectiveness of his project and its benefit to the community, and he received the necessary support and incubation from MIDMAR throughout the period of its establishment.

Through modern laser machines and 3D printing, Jalal was able to manufacture many maintenance parts locally, overcoming the difficulties he faced.

The beginning of success story

His project was a pilot idea based on solving problems with local industry in the first place, which ensures the continuity of support for workers to do their important part in the health care sector, which faces many problems in NW Syria … as well as alleviating many of the burdens and expenses required by the external import of these parts.

Through his new project, the first of its kind in the north of Syria, “Jalal” managed individually to devise unique ways to maintain these devices, believing in the importance of reoperating them and the urgent need for their presence in hospitals and health centers

On a personal level, he hopes to complete his education and specialize in the field of “medical devices” engineering.

He also calls on young people to believe in their own projects and work hard to see the light one day.

Check out the following link to see the project details:

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